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In development now and our future objectives:

Official teaser video and early access playable demo for Steam, Xbox & Playstation application, Kickstarter campaign and rewards, AI improvements, full controller and race wheel support, initial VR implementation, local multiplayer, new racing & arcade levels.

dv - 07/25/2022
  • - Updated the Tunnel Boat - Skeleton is now completely modular - engine, propeller, hull, sponsons are now all able to be swapped with new unlockable parts of different design.
  • - Boat can now catch on fire from overheating or significant damage.
  • - Updated vehicle physics solver from PhysX to Chaos for Unreal Engine 5 and future development.
  • - Updated driver and cockpit; added dash gauges, new steering wheel, drivers thumbs animate with trim, updated driver uniform, helmet, added cockpit rain interaction.
  • - Continued improvements on cinematic cameras and their location.
  • - Improved HUD; Speedometer, Trim Gauge, Radar, Rearview Mirror, Controls, Compass, Digital Clock, Fuel Guage.
  • - Improved AI; pathing and detection, crashing and recovery, acceleration, deceleration, speed, resistance to damage, overtaking abilities, added additional collision precision for "close calls" (i.e. driving over the top of another boat's deck).
  • - Improved bouys, music, crashing, listing, sinking, and handling issues.
  • - Added new levels to the game; Aquaduct Rush, Hazardous Dash, Hurricane Hustle, The Marina, The Garage, Sky Mode, Tutorial Mode, Tutorial Race, Quick Race, Test Tank.
  • - Added player adjustable sky, weather and wind system. Northerly and Easterly winds randomize on each level or can be adjusted by the player.
  • - Added radar and radar targets (AI, Buoys, Fuel Cans, Neutral Boats, Landmarks, etc).
  • - Added randomized handling issues when the boat or a buoy is struck, simulating the steering cables being snagged.
  • - Added example randomizing paintjobs, decals and race numbers.
  • - Fixed killswitch issue (engine sound took too long to stop).
  • - Engine now overheats if kept at full throttle for too long without turning or using the trim or if damage is taken to rear area of the hull. Player can control overheat settings.
  • - Added 15 achievements to the game.
dv 0.9.6 - 01/01/2022
  • - Particle FX (rooster tail) has been optimized on player and AI.
  • - Video settings are now fully adjustable within the options menu. The game is most stable at 60-120fps. At higher framerates the boat may begin to shake and the water interaction starts to fall behind.
  • - A benchmark test is executed at launch and visual settings for this game are set to "recommended settings" based on your hardware. These setting can be altered at anytime within the options menu.
  • - Optimized; Volumetric Clouds, Water Materials, Fluid Simulation & Water Displacement FX.
  • - Added 1st person "cockpit" view. Players can switch between 1st + 3rd person cameras. Clamped maximum zoom distance and rotation for camera in 3rd and 1st person views.
  • - Added 10 cinematic cameras that can be cycled though using the number pad keys [0-9].
  • - Added "Photo Mode" and additional image filters. Image directory is located at C:\TunnelBoatTerror\
  • - Added trim gauge UI & physical gauge inside of cockpit that tracks the motor angle.
  • - Added LoD's. Game runs smoother the farther the camera is away from the boat, engine particle FX, and scenery.
  • - Added "lift" underneath the boat as the velocity is increased. Simulating the hydroplaning effect.
  • - Added "idling speed", "failed-start velocity", "killswitch" and "speedometer flicker".
  • - Added placeholder audio to menu and game levels. Added sound FX for destruction and water splashing.
  • - Added incremental destruction/damage. Canopy, pickle forks, sponsons, rear cowling are now all destructible. Catastrophic damage taken to the sponsons now affects the boats performance in the water.
  • - Added new buoy styles. Optimized buoys by removing; cables, cable physics, constraints, and extra geometry.
  • - Added levels for each race type; Sprint, Drag, Circuit and a few arcade situations.
  • - Added blocking volumes (invisible ceilings) so the players boat doesn't fly into the clouds after a collision.
  • - Added the Unlimited Hydroplane.
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