Custom Paintjobs

This guide will help you create your own "fan made" custom paintjob for use in Tunnel Boat Terror.

enable custom paintjobs in the menu

After you've entered and confirmed the location of your file, exit the menu and restart the level. Your custom paintjob will appear after a short delay.

create your own custom artwork

You can use any photo editing software.
1) Create a canvas or work area of 2048px (width) x 1011px (height), 72 dpi is fine.

2) Paste in or create your artwork.
3) Save the file as a (.PNG, .JPG, or .BMP) to a location that you will remember when you're done.
The black areas indicate where the paintjob ends (these areas are automatically omitted by the game, you don't need to create them).
Need artwork like the examples below? Check out all of the talented artists on

locate artwork online

You can skip artwork creation and copy an image URL of a (.PNG, .JPG, or .BMP) from the internet. Here is an example by MMT, on


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